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VeriNet – the best Debt Collecting and Debt Management software in the world!

Debt Collecting can be broken down into 6 main components.

VeriNet addresses all of these 6 components effectively and precisely:
  • Client Contract:

    VeriNet captures all client details as well as all contract specifications.

    VeriNet can accommodate any conceivable client contract scenario.

    Once the contract is captured correctly the software will automatically manage payments, commissions payable, interest calculations and debt collectors expenses and fees.

  • Actual handover:

    VeriNet allows you to do the capturing of accounts manually,
    VeriNet specializes in importing electronic handover files - no human errors!

    An excellent feature of VeriNet is the fact that it can handle massive volumes of data. The bigger the handover the better!

  • Debt Collecting:

    VeriNet uses the “Daybook Collection” method to instil the ownership principal of a range of debt in the debt collector.

    This means the collector has a predetermined range of matters to collect and follow up on each day from which their measurable income must be generated.

    It is further complimented by the ability to queue high priority accounts.

    The program allows for Memo’s (notes) by the collectors to record all actions on individual debtor accounts.

    Business rules regulates actions by the collector to restrict activities and expenses and fees to the parameters set out in the different acts.

    There are too many features to mention – but – VeriNet covers at least 99.99% of all debt collectors efforts.

  • Payments from Debtors:

    Payments can be imported electronically from all major Banks thus no need to add payments to the system by hand.

    VeriNet allocates payments received directly to the Debtor accounts.

    No amount of volumes of payments received are too large or too small for VeriNet.

    Payments received are managed via your Trust bank account/s.

    The software will automatically breakdown each payment into its various elements and ensure that only the clients portion is paid over to the client.

    A main feature of VeriNet is the ease with which the trust accounts are maintained, thus allowing you to transfer your income into your business account on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly).

  • Payments to Clients:

    Verinet has been designed to ease the process of paying over to clients.

    The software does the whole reconciliation and calculates the amount owing to the client.

    It takes into account Agency payments received AS WELL AS payments made at the Client.

    VeriNet prohibits the duplicate payment of a client – ensuring that you will NEVER overpay a Client.

  • Management Reports:

    VeriNet produces several financial and management reports showing management how their company is performing on various aspects of the debt collecting process.

    Daily turnover and income figures are available at a click of a button. Click to view some of the reports generated by VeriNet:
    Client Activation Report
    Collectors Commission Report

The effect of the VeriNet software lies in the demonstration. Once you have seen and experienced the software you will understand the effectiveness of the software.Companies that has bought into the VeriNet system has gone from strength to strength.

VeriNet Software – your ultimate debt collection software!